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About Menopause

About MenopauseMany women struggle with menopause symptoms. The natural cessation of a woman’s fertility, menopause often announces its arrival with a number of hard-to-miss signs and symptoms that can include everything from hot flashes and night sweats to moodiness and anxiety. If you are suffering from mood swings menopause symptoms, we can help.

A healthy lifestyle may be one of the best ways for some women to reduce the effects of their menopause symptoms. Excess weight, tobacco use, excessive alcohol use and caffeine are all associated with more frequent and more severe menopause symptoms. Eating a balanced diet, getting regular moderate exercise and kicking bad habits may all give you more control over your discomfort. However, some women may be naturally more vulnerable to certain menopause symptoms thanks to genetics. Other women may not experience significant relief from lifestyle changes. DON’T PAUSE offers them an alternative.

DON’T PAUSE is designed to help support women’s health as they enter perimenopause and go through menopause and enable them to live healthy, active lives post-menopause. It contains a special blend of ingredients that includes herbs that have been used by women for centuries. Balancing your hormones naturally and addressing bothersome symptoms can help you avoid unwanted side effects and risks. You can continue to enjoy your life healthfully, naturally and actively.

Mood swings are common during menopause, and they can leave you feeling as if your world is topsy-turvy. We offer you the tools you need to retake control over your moods, your life and your menopause symptoms. Contact us today to learn more or to place your DON’T PAUSE order.