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NSF LogoDON’T PAUSE has what it takes to keep you energized and active throughout menopause and beyond. Many women struggle with mood swings and other symptoms during menopause. This is a time of many changes, including hormonal, physical and emotional changes. You may suffer from numerous symptoms and menopause mood swings that interfere with your quality of life and even your overall health. Lifestyle changes can often help you cope during this difficult time while DON’T PAUSE offers your body the critical support it needs as it adjusts to this new phase of life.

Menopause changes your body and your mind. You may feel like you no longer know yourself. It may be a natural process, but menopause does not necessarily feel natural. The symptoms you experience may be so severe or intrusive that they interfere with your daily activities. DON’T PAUSE gives you control over your symptoms so that you can get back in the game.

DON’T PAUSE uses a proprietary blend of natural and herbal ingredients. Some of these ingredients have been used for many generations of women. Natural herbs to restore hormonal balance have been studied extensively and demonstrated to provide women with powerful natural relief. One capsule a day during perimenopause and two capsules a day during menopause can restore stability, strength and overall functioning without bringing any unwanted side effects.

Is menopause getting you down? It is time to take control. Contact us to find out more about DON’T PAUSE or to place your order.


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